Authentíque Insights
Verified Instagram Influencer Campaigns.
The Problem
After analyzing over 10,000 Instagram influencers, we found one-third purchased fake followers, likes or story/video views. Brands are spending billions on audiences they know little about.
The Solution
1. Verify the influencer's audience

2. Create a reach-based price range

3. Share detailed campaign results
Verified Audience
Influencers sign into our service, and we instantly create an account report through the Instagram API. Reports are easily shared like a Google Doc. Here's an example:
Suggested Pricing
Our reports recommend price ranges based on historical story/post reach. See Post Averages and Story Averages sections in the above report to learn more.
Campaign Results
After running a campaign, influencers can share results through a link. Here's an example story result:
and an example post result:
These charts help brands verify campaign authenticity: normally, engagement grows over time as smooth curves (seen above), but when purchased, it grows in sudden spikes/stair-step patterns.
Get Started
Authentíque Insights is a free service - and we'll be releasing additional paid features as the product evolves.
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